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    1. Legal provision on aspects of functioning of Electronic Payment System Sole Payments


    1. Arrangement plans to decide the fundamental parts of Company action and legitimate ground utilized as the reason for movement of Skill installment System which acts in the market under "Aptitude installment" exchange mark.


    1. Company Activity


    2.1 Company furnishes its Customers with the chance to utilize some virtual cash tokens equivalent to genuine cash saved by Company Customer into his/her record in Sole Payments(hereinafter alluded to as "Framework") in the electronic circle.


    2.2 Company gives a chance to enter cash into a System account by changing over it at keeping stage into an electronic likeness valuable metal at the inside rate.


    2.3. Stores and withdrawals of cash can be performed by methods for the universal cash exchange Systems and by means of bank exchange.


    2.4 The System gives a chance to the people associated with electronic business to get installments for merchandise and enterprises in Skill installment money (hereinafter alluded to as "SP"), by introducing the System Merchants on their electronic exchange locales.


    2.5 At conduction of on location exchanges the entire action of Company is situated as per home laws of the nation where the business association works.


    1. Legality of Transactions performed in the System Sole Payments


    3.1 All money related exchanges performed in the System are done as per the budgetary permit of A-class and don't rupture universal laws in the fields of monetary movement, electronic business or computerized signature.


    3.2 All exchanges in the System are checked for non-interest in psychological militant exercises by inhabitants of any nation, the IP of which was enrolled in the System.



    1. Safety of the user And confidentiality of the personal data , performed transactions


    4.1 Use of the System starts from filling the enlistment fields where the client ought to determine some close to home information. To accelerate the procedure a client is unequivocally prescribed to enter legitimate data.


    4.2 The individual information entered by the client is fundamental for his/her ID in the System, expanding the security dimension of the System and correspondence for rendering administrations or leading exchanges.


    4.3 With the reasons recorded in thing 4.2 the System asks the Internet client who has communicated his readiness to enlist with Sole, to enter the accompanying information: Name, inhabitant city, address, nation, state (if present), ZIP code, email address, and phone/fax.


    4.4 Personal information of the client are accessible just to Company work force and are not given to the outsiders.


    4.5 Personal information of the client can be given to the outsiders, for example, national security offices however just with a court choice.


    4.6 Blocking of the System client's record on the activity of outsiders is conceivable just with a court choice.


    4.7 Use of some security instruments in the System suggests the sign of some close to home information (Email-verification administration). Thus the client has an option to decide the security level for himself exclusively by managing the extent of individual information accommodated the System.


    1. Legitimateness of Provision


    5.1 The authenticity of the present Provision is dictated by the standards of the global law.


    5.2 The present arrangement can be changed, enhanced or abbreviated because of a global law change in the territories of bank administrations, budgetary exchanges, electronic business or computerized signature.


    1. Exchanges


    6.1 Company does not lead speculation business with the assets got into the System from clients. Such strategy is directed to build dimension of security and wellbeing of Skill installment clients' assets.